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Everyone is Welcome here!

It has been established over the years, that the Sauna Vulcano is the sauna for older men. Our sauna is a paradise for men who love gray temples, white hair, Daddies, Grandpas, Bears, bald-headed men, large men, small men (relative) and men with character.

This is the reason why our sauna is unique and world-famous!!


Poem: “. . . and the Years fade into the Country” 

The Beauty is lost,
I was once a butterfly.
Now I love my belly,
and my bald head I love, also!

The hair on my back,
whom wouldn't that charm?
The feet become flat,
and the eyes become dull!

There is much joy still,
for my “little fella” still stirs.
And he asks himself:
Oh damn,where do we go to get out of the house?

Yet one hears from afar,
of a place without vanities.
I have heard that in the Sauna Vulcano
you are welcome Everyday!

And the Years fade into the Country,
and the beauty disappears.
But if the Vulcano is still there,
then my friend shout, “Hurray!”




Sauna Vulcano Video (in german)

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